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A diversified business

We are one of the leading Distribution, Retailing and Manufacturing companies established in the Kingdom of Bahrain for more than one and half centuries, carving an enviable niche in the FMCG business and have become a name to reckon with. We have diversified business interests and represent many internationally renowned Manufacturing/Trading organizations and Brands. Here is a list of our sister companies

Credible partners for better products.

Al Mina Supermarket

As one of Bahrain’s leading local supermarket chain, Al Mina Supermarket continues to put our customers at the centre of everything they do. They have created well-designed stores that allow a relaxing shopping experience, and offer a wide range of quality, imported and locally produced products at very attractive prices.


Boxmakers specializes in manufacturing Packaging items such as Cartons, Corrugated Products, Offset Printed Boxes, Cake Boxes, Paper Bags and other packaging products. Box Makers W.L.L is one of the premier providers of integrated packaging and printing services in the region.

Boxmakers corrugated products (cartons) manufacturing unit produces a wide variety of corrugated packaging products, including conventional shipping containers used to protect and transport manufactured goods, multi-color boxes, and displays with strong visual appeal that help to merchandise the packaged product in retail locations.

A.M Catering

A.M Catering is a foodservice distributor of food, beverage and non-food related products in. A.M Catering serves customers in a wide range of sectors within the foodservice and catering industries. These include hotels, restaurants, cafes, QSRs, sub-distributors, entertainment, as well as many independent operators in the hospitality industry

Little Mart

Little Mart’s is a journey that has evolved since 2018. Standing on the core values of freshness, product range, affordable pricing, service and ideal locations, all ensuring it’s retained loyal customer base. Little Mart also were pioneers with the free home delivery concept which it operates 24-hours. Today Little Mart has a strong presence as one of the top retail stores in New Busaiteen area.

Quality Education School

Quality Education School inaugurated in 2003 was born with the desire of providing not just academic based education but a wholesome holistic learning experience to children. Promoted by a team of successful businessmen and qualified professionals the school started off in the Kanoo Garden campus with a limited number of students. The school grew from strength to strength and today the school has created a name for itself in the academic arena of Bahrain. The school now has the luxury of two well-planned fully functional campuses one at the Khalil Kanoo Garden (Salmaniya) and the other at Zamil Garden, located in Budaiya.

More than 50 years in FMCG trading

A company you can trust !

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